Three-End Product Matrix

Three-End Product Matrix

Intelligent Settlement Shopping Cart


One-stop digital solution of Super Hii

Intelligent Settlement Shopping Cart

Data collection & Analysis Generate sales & Fill orders

Three-End Product Matrix

Super Scene

Introduction Of The Solution

Intelligent hardware of our Smart shopping cart

Intelligent Shopping Cart System

Merchant SaaS middle office

2elligent shopping cart system

Mobile applications

3ligent shopping cart system

Digitalization of user behavior. Fill orders in the market scene. Real-time monitoring of the market scene

User data analysis marketing scheme decision operation monitoring management

Hardware function extension, off-site marketing and rich user portraits

Intelligent hardware of our Smart shopping cart

Intelligent shopping cart system

SAAS platform of Commercial tenant

AI Damage prevention system

Mobile applications

BI data platform

Introduction of SAAS platform of Commercial tenant

brief introduction of saas

We will expand more stores in the future

Management system of our intelligent shopping carts

Datas from smart shopping carts are sent to a server on the premise or can be sent up to cloud for later analysis which build the base of advertising and marketing strategy. So owners can know the preferances of individuals so much that they could offer promotions

Creating "four good" products, energizing new retailing

24-hour omni-directional service

All the time, we devote ourselves to make good looking and convenient smart shopping carts which can bring customers companion whe they go shopping . Auxiliary equipment attached to carts can lower the costs of management. Promotion and advertising system is handy which can generate sales easier.

Good looking



Being the knockout, our smartcarts' design is light-weight, easy-contral, which help the supermarkets improve image .

Easy to use


to use

We Integrate products information to carts system,which would make shopping fun and easy, notify customers of promotions, avoid standing in line and print out the receipts within few minutes ,these are all good features.

Be easy to manage



Smartcarts are safy with the magnetic wireless chargers, AI damage proof sensors,alarming system works when carts run beyond the confined electronic scope.

Facilitate marketing



Face recognition system attached to personal shopping records make the innovitive accurate promotion available. With simple operation system, customers would spend more money per shopping around,and they would receive coupons which may trigger more sales later.

Policy incentive - strengthen cultivation

+We will expand more stores in the future

Joint operation SOP Follow the rhythm and focus on results

Rapid Establishment of Management System

Help run stores with existing moldel in early period - Allocation


Provide high standard of every individule smartcart - Fast delivery


Cooperate with grocery owners - Logical management


Intergrate marketing advertising - Customers attraction


Effective and efficient inspiration - Customers' behivior fomation


Joint operation plan

Rich and comprehensive product line

Hii products product

The reason why we choose Super Hii is that Super Hii provide "customer-centered" efficient intelligent products and services. Super Hi can provide you with thoughtful one-stop full process service, from the beginning to our smart shopping carts be launched to use, which will avoid all worries.Now let us continue to read.