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The smart shopping trolley start up could bring retailers more benefits than they think

When mentioning smart shopping trolley , retailers think that it would mainly bring benefits to customers ,since the smart shopping trolley is used by customers and eventually provide customers ultimate shopping experience .The initial objectives of the smart shopping trolley start up developing it was to help customers skip the cash counter and check out by themselves .


The Superhii technology company has developed a smart shopping trolley with this function .Gradually , they found that the smart shopping trolley should have more functions and help both customers and retailers .


Meanwhile , the digital transformation movement is undergoing in the retail industry , then the start up Superhii is also seeking for ways to help physical retail realize digital transformation .



Through consistent and  tough work , the smart shopping trolley start up eventually developed the precision marketing features  based on artificial intelligence , deep learning and other algorithm .


Generally speaking , now the smart shopping trolley can record customers shopping data , for example , how long it takes for one customer to make the final purchase decision ;What kind of items or brands does the customer like ? What is the certain customers shopping routes ? All these shopping data never been collected before in physical retail .


To realize digital transformation , customers shopping data will play a significant role . With these shopping data , retailers could know clearly the user portrait ,thus they could do precision marketing to customers . With precision marketing , the retail store will eventually increase their sales revenue .This means the smart shopping trolley start up could bring retailers more benefits they think .(Editor : Superhii , Cindy Xin )