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Wu Shang supermarket started a smart shopping cart project

On April 29, Wuhan Wushang Supermarket was officially reopened to welcome Wushang consumers with a new look. At the same time, the neatly arranged Superhii smart shopping carts in Wushang stores have also been "waiting consumers for a long time" in stores, looking forward to taking consumers on a new smart shopping journey.


Wushang Supermarket starting a smart shopping cart project with S mode , the new antibacterial smart shopping cart. The  s model smart shopping cart uses a fully engineered plastic integrated body for the first time. The weight of the cart is only 14KG, which is very light and labor-saving. Superhii Technology Company also carefully integrates and adjusts the bar code scanner to the bottom of the screen , which makes scanning code easier, and consumers  can scan and place it naturally and smoothly. Moreover, the grip angle of this Model S is 45 degrees, which makes the grip angle more reasonable.



Of course, the most eye-catching thing is the powerful smart shopping cart system . The new S model smart shopping cart supports consumers scan bar codes by themselves. During the shopping process, the new retail AI engine and multiple weighing systems are used for self-service loss prevention. After the shopping is completed, consumers can skip the cashier  counter and complete the settlement directly on the smart shopping cart. The shopping receipt will be sent to consumers mobile phones automatically . The shopping process is as fast, convenient and smartas always. It can be said that the Superhii smart shopping cart has already put a high-tech coat on Wuhan Wushang supermarket .


As early as the beginning of this year, Wushang Supermarket contacted with Superhii Technology Company to discuss the deploying smart shopping cart project in newly opened stores. There are two reasons ,One is that in the post-epidemic era, the "contactless" shopping method is still the preferred shopping method for consumers; the other is that with the development of AI, big data, and artificial intelligence technologies, more and more technology products have penetrated into our lives . As far as the retail industry is concerned, many retailers have begun to pay attention to and are eager to try the "smart shopping cart" that is frequently discussed in retail industry .



This time, the cooperation between Wushang Supermarket and Super Hi Technology is a major upgrade of Wushang Supermarket based on consumers demand and experience, and it is also another big step for Superhii Technology Company to promote the intelligent transformation of the retail industry.


Superhii Technology Company has always paid attention to the design, research and development of smart shopping carts, and is committed to providing users with a better shopping experience. In the future,Superhii Technology Company will continue to make breakthroughs and continue to innovate, develop more "smart" shopping products, and guide the intelligent transformation of the retail industry.(Editor : Superhii , Cindy Xin )