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What is the core technology of the smart shopping cart system ?

The smart shopping cart is now heated discussed in the retail industry , customers feel fantastic about the improved shopping experience the smart shopping cart can bring to them , retailers want to realize their ROI and increase their stores sales revenue .The smart shopping cart sure could bring benefits to both retailers and customers .


So what is the core technology behind the smart shopping cart system ?


Let us answer the question from the smart shopping cart appearance .


Take Superhii smart shopping cart as an example , this smart shopping cart is equipped with a computer PAD and a bar code scanner and dual cameras as well as charging port . The computer PAD is touchable which could support customers interact with the smart shopping cart at any time in the shopping process . The bar code scanner supports customers scan items bar codes and the automatic billing system will display customers shopping bill .The dual cameras can help record customers shopping process , along with the weight senor and other multiple algorithms , it could also help do the loss prevention management work .The charging port can support customers charge for their mobile phones in the shopping process .




In general , the smart shopping cart is developed based on artificial intelligence ,deep learning ,weight sensors and other technologies With the rapid development of the technology , the Superhii technology company is upgrading both the hardware and the software to create better product to customers .


The core technology also enables the smart shopping cart collect customers shopping data and process these data to useful data assets .These shopping data could help branders and retailers a lot in making promotions and sending coupons .(Editor : Superhii , Cindy Xin )