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What is smart shopping cart technology ?

As smart shopping cart is gradually becoming common in our daily life ,more and more customers begin to fall in love with using smart shopping cart for shopping . But they know little about the smart shopping cart technology ,and they feel curious about the technology hiding in the smart shopping cart .


In general , the smart shopping cart uses artificial intelligence as well as deep learning technology .With this technology , the smart shopping cart is able to learn and recognize  items that customers aim to the bar code scanner right on the smart cart . Besides , weight sensor algorithm technology are also be used to do the loss prevention work in the shopping process .



Many customers feel surprised about the coupons recommendation and related items recommendation function , this is mainly based on RFID technology . There is a RFID reader on the smart shopping cart , when the smart shopping cart is approaching the certain shelf , the RFID tag hiding in the shelf will know then remind the smart shopping cart itself to push precision coupons to customers . This will greatly increase the customers shopping experience .


Technology has changed our lives and made our lives more wonderful ,so has the smart shopping cart technology . And with the  continuous development of Internet  and IOT technology , the smart shopping cart is sure to provide us more . (Editor : Superhii , Cindy Xin )