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Smart shopping trolley using RFID got great praise

If you walk into a supermarket in China , you will probably meet the black technology smart shopping trolley using RFID as smart shopping trolleys are available in many supermarkets in China . Many customers who have experienced the smart shopping trolley spoke highly of the smart shopping trolley  .They are totally impressed by the black technology hiding in the smart shopping trolley.


This smart shopping trolley gives solution to reduce the shopping time at supermarkets . In China ,many supermarkets have deployed smart shopping trolley project and launched smart shopping trolleys in their stores .The smart shopping trolley is used to aid customers to select items which they intend to purchase and help customers do self-service settlement .



Usually ,.at billing counter ,customers may face many problems like waiting in line and they dont even know how long it takes to check out .Moreover , the billing process at the counter is a time consuming and also need more human resource in the billing sector .


 Photo :Smart shopping cart using RFID used by customers 

To tackle this problem , the smart shopping trolley developer Superhii technology team have proposed a solution with its self-developed smart shopping trolley .The smart shopping trolley has barcode scanner and a touchable screen , which could help customers scan the barcode of items and display the shopping bill . The customers pay for the bill through any one of online payment options ,such as Wechat or Alipay .



There is also a smart gate associated with the smart shopping trolley. The smart gate is launched at the exit of the supermarket and can be regarded as dedicated smart shopping trolley lane . Using its RFID technology , the smart gate will release the smart shopping cart which have finished the payment process . (Editor : Superhii , Cindy Xin )