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Smart shopping cart is becoming more and more popular in China now

The coronavirus has not only inspired customers’ pursuit of health and safety ,but also made "contactless shopping" become popular again.

For ordinary people, what should be remembered all the time during the epidemic is: go out to wear masks, wash hands frequently, go to less crowded public places, and have little or no contact with strangers in daily life. In the shopping process , the smart shopping cart can play an important role .


At the beginning of 2020 , the domestic epidemic situation is relatively severe, everyone understood that “no -contacting “is very important , in the shopping process , "contactless shopping" has become very important and the smart shopping cart could help realize contactless shopping  .


Before the outbreak of the epidemic,many supermarkets including Wu Mart in Beijing has brought in smart shopping carts from the leading smart shopping cart developer in China , Superhii . According to feedback from supermarket staff, during the epidemic, the utilization rate of smart shopping carts has increased significantly. Only when the smart shopping carts circulating in the store have been used up, customers will retreat and consider using ordinary shopping carts as usual .

文章11.26.pngsmart shopping cart in China 

In this process, the number of people covered by smart shopping carts have greatly increased. In other words, the epidemic has accelerated the popularization of smart shopping carts.


For the offline retail industry, digital transformation can accelerate the reconstruction of retail formats, make retail industry more "intelligent", reconstruct "people, commodities, and fields", and truly realize the digital ecology of the offline retail industry.


Therefore, the digital transformation of offline retail companies is the general trend, and in this great transformation, smart shopping carts can play an important role.


The smart shopping cart relies on its own smart bar code scanning equipment, weight sensor, panoramic camera, 4G+WIFI network module, bluetooth module, etc., which can support consumers  scan the bar code while shopping, and do self-check out in the supermarket after shopping; The smart shopping cart could automatically record all the shopping process of the consumers from entering the store to leaving the store, including the area stay time of every customer, shopping preferences, shopping data, etc., and transmits it to the supermarket's ERP system to facilitate supermarkets and brands accurate marketing with thousands of people.


It is no exaggeration to say that the smart shopping cart is the best carrier for digital transformation of offline retail. Therefore, in this wave of "contactless shopping" and "digital transformation of offline retail enterprises", the smart shopping cart has received its best time . (Editor : Superhii , Cindy Xin )