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Superhii smart shopping cart displayed on CHINASHOP2020

On November 19, 2020, the 22nd China Retail Industry Expo (CHINASHOP2020) was grandly held at Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. The theme of this exhibition is "A new starting point for retail in a dual-cycle pattern". The Expo will last for three days until November 21. The exhibition area will reach 100,000 square meters. And there will be 8 themed exhibitions and 3 special new areas, which will gather and cover Nearly a thousand exhibitors in the entire upstream and downstream retail industry chain .In this retail industry exhibition ,smart shopping cart is sure the star product in the exhibition .



As a leading smart shopping cart developer in China , Superhii technology company participated in the exhibition together with its partner Hanshow Technology, and grandly displayed the new S model smart shopping cart at this exhibition.


In this exhibition,Superhii technology brought the newest S model smart shopping cart to the exhibition ,which has attracted strong attention of the exhibitors .In this exhibition , we could see the whole shopping process when customers shop use the Superhii smart shopping cart .



The customer logs in (or login via WeChat )via the face recognition technology to use the smart shopping cart , then scans the items barcode while shopping, the smart shopping cart automatically pushes the item coupons to the customer, the coupons can be used immediately after it was received . After the customer's item selection is completed ,the customer could Pay for the bill directly by face recognition (or through customer’s mobile phone) and the customer can leave the supermarket easily.


On the big publicity screen at the exhibition site, the customers' quick and convenient self-service shopping and payment methods aroused the excitement of the exhibitors, and after experiencing the smart shopping cart , the exhibitors were even more impressed by the black technology hidden in the smart shopping cart .



It is worth mentioning that a new antibacterial smart handle has been added to the S-model smart shopping cart. The handle is equipped with antibacterial and antiviral nano silver ion coating, and the antiviral activity rate reaches 99.99%. During the pandemic crisis, the health and safety of consumers shopping in supermarkets can undoubtedly be greatly guaranteed.


 As a leading consumer industry, the retail industry will usher in important development opportunities and will also undergo profound structural changes.


Superhii smart shopping cart was born for the digital transformation of retail. Based on its own face camera, panoramic camera, rear HD camera, weight sensor, and 4G+wifi dual network module, the smart shopping cart can track consumers throughout the process. That is to say , the smart shopping cart has realized full data collection based on “people” ,and has realized CRM and marketing synchronization , what’s more , the smart shopping cart has enabled offline retail stores to have the same ability to digitally operate customers as online .



In this year , Superhii technology company celebrated its fifth anniversary . In the future, Super hii technology company will always adhere to the concept of "helping retailers achieve digital transformation", relying on the ultimate software and hardware products and follow-up service docking capabilities to provide retailers with digital transformation solutions . Also ,we believe that the smart shopping cart will accelerate the development of offline retail towards high efficiency and high quality. (Editor:Superhii ,Cindy Xin )