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Smart shopping cart using automatic billing system could help realize no-contacting shopping

In the pandemic crisis , the smart shopping cart using automatic billing system could provide consumers no-contacting shopping .In 2020, as the coronavirus is keeping spreading meanwhile consumers’ health awareness has been motivated , the general public are becoming more concerned about the health and safety conditions in ordinary public places. To struggle with the Covid-19 , scientific and technological innovation couldl play a prying role and maximize the health and safety of the general public . Among them , the smart shopping cart using automatic billing system is the pioneer .


To struggle with the Covid-19 ,"no-contacting" is still a lifestyle that is widely respected and recognized by countries all over the world . In the offline retail industry, "contactless" shopping will also become the mainstream of offline shopping.The smart shopping cart would play an important role .


A few months ago, the smart shopping cart that appeared in the Wal-Mart supermarket in Shenzhen has already sounded the clarion call for consumers to shop without contact.


So, how does the smart shopping cart help realize consumer "contactless" shopping?



The smart shopping cart requires consumers to scan the QR code via WeChat or enter the mobile phone number to log in to use the cart . During the whole process of starting shopping, consumers can scan the barcode of items one by one while shopping, and every time an item is scanned, The item name, price and other information will automatically appear on the electronic screen of the smart shopping cart. The smart shopping cart can also automatically accumulate and add the scanned item prices, so that consumers can view the details of the purchased products at any time. After the purchase is completed, consumers can complete the payment  through WeChat or Alipay directly on the electronic screen of the smart shopping cart.


In other words, in the entire shopping process, consumers do not need to contact with anyone. These are mainly realized based on the AI technology, multiple cameras, weight sensor and other technologies of the smart shopping cart itself.


Some consumers may wonder what should we do if we want to buy vegetables and fruits that need to be weighed?


Actually , there is a precision scale in the bottom of the smart shopping cart .It can be used to weight fruits and vegetables as long as the smart shopping cart developer do some customerized software development .


At the same time, according to Superhii Technology, the research and development merchant of this smart shopping cart, the handle of this smart shopping cart adopts the "new antibacterial smart handle". The handle is equipped with antibacterial and antiviral nano silver ion coating, and the antiviral activity rate can reach 99.99%  ,which can greatly protect the hygiene of the supermarket . That is to say , the smart shopping cart could fight against the epidemic. (Editor :Superhii , Cindy Xin)